Diligent Dogs

BBEchoGuardDogsA pair of fearless guard dogs are a necessity when you are raising free-roaming chickens. You need vigilant ears, eyes, and noses on the lookout for coyotes, eagles, and hawks. They look like they are snoozing and not paying any attention. But at the slightest whiff of danger, these two are on their feet and charging after any approaching danger.

MotherWithNearlyGrownChicksThese chicks are two and a half months old now. At times they are quite independent, but they still stay close to their mother and roost with her at night. The other night I couldn’t see the white one, until I peered closely at the mother’s feet, and saw the chicks feet between her mother’s. She was roosting underneath her mother.

WetRoosterWe are in the wet season. A steady rain all day doesn’t stop the chickens from being outdoors most of the time. Even when they get soaked, like Billy the rooster, they seek cover only when it is pouring rain.
All the chickens at a man and his hoe® enjoy a full life, experiencing all kinds of weather, and enjoying the protection of two loyal dogs. It’s what chickens deserve.

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