Welcome to a man and his hoe.

Welcome image of golden egg

My first encounter with a real egg was back in my college days in Japan. Our professor took some of us students to visit a farmer raising pigs and chickens on the mountain slopes of Yatsugadake – 八ヶ岳.

We couldn’t even see the pigs because they were in thick grass taller than any of us. The chickens ran freely over the farm.

During lunch they served us fresh eggs from these free running, bug eating chickens. When I saw how golden the egg was, how plump the yolk was, and tasted the richness of the egg, it was like I’d never eaten an egg before.

So when I moved out into the beautiful Skagit Valley with a bit of land for chickens to roam free, I wanted to experience eating such eggs again.

Welcome image of hen with chicks

So here I am many years later, still enjoying life in the country, driving slow, and taking time to appreciate the wonder nature showers us with.

From 2013 to early 2022, this site used to be at everychickdeservesamother.com. But I had to transfer the site to a new location. At some point, everychickdeservesamother.com, may point here again, but for now, amanandhishoe.com will do.

Welcome image of swans on field

So welcome to my new site. I’ll be tinkering with it over the next few weeks. But this is where you’ll find my new photos and reflections.

a man and his hoe