How fast does a chick grow?

So how fast does a chicken grow up? Here are some pictures of Lucy and Sunny. Sunny hatched October 14. Usually hens hatch clutches of 6 to 15, however once in a while we have hens who end up with single chicks. With the weather getting colder and wetter, I try to keep hens from hatching clutches after September, but sometimes hens surprise you.

Here is Lucy and Sunny on October 15. Sunny is just one day old.

Lucy and Sunny on October 15

By November 9, Sunny is nearly fully fledged.

Lucy and Sunny on November 9

Here the two are on November 23, Sunny is nearly six weeks old. Many broiler chickens weigh 4 to 6 pounds by this age and are ready to be processed

Lucy and Sunny November 23

And here is Sunny on November 30, almost eight weeks old. She has at least another four months to go before she is fully grown.

Lucy and Sunny November 30

Next week, Sunny will be two months old. Its about the age at which hens stop raising chicks and let them be on their own. Since Sunny is an only chick she will most likely hang close to her mother for another month or more. Chicks with siblings have an easier time leaving their mothers. They’ll hang out together and form a clique that lasts a long time. Without siblings, single chicks take longer to develop their adult friends.

And here is Sven, our Swedish Flower Chicken rooster. He has a very impressive crow.


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