MiAsa 美朝 Gets Some eggs


It’s another fiery autumn day. A perfect day to put some eggs under MiAsa 美朝, a feisty hen who has been sitting on some wooden eggs for a few days. I’ve written 9s on the eggs as they should hatch November 9 if all goes well. And in case any other hens lay eggs on her nest while MiAsa is incubating, I will be able to tell which ones they are, so I can remove them.


Here she is. When she fluffs her neck feathers, she looks like a lion. In the clip below, watch how she pecks at my hand when I place eggs underneath her, and see how she shifts the eggs into position underneath her.
[wpvideo TNMCNYKt]

On the way out of the chicken yard, I laugh at a clever hen who has discovered that the biggest pile of feed is inside the feeder.


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