Mom Digs, We Eat


“Mom digs, we eat” it’s a basic rule little chicks live by. And whatever she digs up, they will gobble down. I’ve seen chicks swallow earthworms as long as they are. Imagine a baby slurping down a two foot long snake. The entire time they are pecking through the dirt Mom digs up, the little ones are chirping away. The need to say something isn’t unique to humans. Keep your ears open and you’ll hear all kinds of animals speaking their mind. If they all had Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat accounts, would they crash the internet?


With their heads poking around in the dirt much of the time, what you see of little chicks most of the time are their fuzzy little butts. It’s a good opportunity to see if any have pasty butt. It can be a problem with chicks from hatcheries. Occasionally a dropping will get stuck on their vent holes and clog them up; chicken constipation if you will. It can be fatal on a little chick. I’ve only seen it a few times on the chicks hatched by hens. Fortunately, it’s very easy to treat with a little warm water and gentle washing.


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