On a Rainy Day


On a rainy day, the young chicks take a break out of the rain.


On a rainy day, the foxgloves are lush.


On a rainy day, the dogs play king of the hill.


On a rainy day, the white flower beans 白花豆 bloom.


On a rainy day, new garlic is best. I’ve always wondered what to call fresh garlic, before the skins turn to paper, while the cloves are still moist and juicy. It’s how garlic is meant to be eaten. You never see it in the stores. Garlic is usually dried before it is sold in stores. What a shame. I’ve heard the term “wet garlic” used to describe this garlic. I’ll call it virgin garlic … make that extra virgin garlic. Garlic that is plucked out of the moist earth, while the skins are still soft and supple. Extra virgin garlic peels easily and tastes sublime. The best produce never makes it to the box stores.

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