Skunky at One Week


Skunky is a week old. What a fun week it’s been. I can’t watch Skunky without getting a smile. Once Skunky’s feathers start coming out in another week or so, we’ll have a better idea what colors and patterns Skunky will eventually have. It would be great if those long stripes streaking from Skuny’s eyes remain.

And let’s hope Skunky stays safe. Running around outdoors, even with a vigilant mother, can be dangerous. Kestrels, Goshawks, Merlins, and other sundry raptors would love to snatch a little chick for a snack. It’s a moral dilemma raising chickens this way. Do I keep hens and their chicks locked up for four to six weeks until the chicks are much larger, or do I let them run free? If I tried to keep them locked indoors, the hens would go nuts. They would try to scratch their way out of any enclosure. That would be crueler than letting them take their chicks out into the wild world. And so I set them free to explore this wonderful world, dangers included.

[wpvideo xN3p9vuV]

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