Something New to Be Happy


The thimbleberry’s are unfolding their new leaves. This time of year, there’s something new to see everywhere you look. If you have a flock of hens, don’t forget to give them new nests from time to time. It’s not enough to keep their nests clean and add new straw to them.


Just like you don’t like to shop at the same store or eat at the same restaurant all the time, hens appreciate new nests in new spots. My sweet husband set up several new nests above some older ones. The next day, hens were already trying them out. Here’s Ungetsu-hime 雲月姫 about to lay an egg in one of them today.

“Hmm, the view is better from up here.”

“Wow, look at the nice curvature this nest has!”

“Black, always was my color.”

Who knows what attracts them to new nests. Just like you get tired of that new outfit you’ve been wearing the last few months, hens get tired of nests. New ones in new places make them happy. You want delicious eggs, you need happy hens.

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