A Mother and Her 12 Day Old Chicks


There is nothing a mother hen won’t do for her chicks. While she takes them around, they are in constant communication with each other. Her chicks chirp often, letting her know where they are and what they are feeling. She talks to them all day long, warning them when there is danger, and telling them when she finds something good to eat. And at the end of a long day, she provides a safe place for them to sleep under her feathers.

While they were developing in their eggs, they heard her heartbeat all day long. At night, when they sleep under her warm body, they sleep listening to her heartbeat too.

I often hear people say that chickens are so stupid. Maybe the reason they seem stupid is that people are trying to raise them in environments they aren’t designed for. Give them plenty of space to roam, interesting things to do, the opportunity to mate, for hens to hatch and rear their young, and you get to see how complex and wonderful these birds are.