Supper Is Served – Very Slowly


Slow food, we read about it often. This is what slow food looks like. First it takes five to six months for the rooster to grow. You won’t find chicken like this in any store. As this is a bird which spent every day of its life outdoors, running around and exercising, it needs to be cooked slowly … very slowly … at a low temperature. 225ºF (105ºC) is a good temperature. After five hours, it will be so tender the meat will fall off the bones.

Take your time enjoying it.

It’s odd how so many people are in such a rush. Running around faster won’t bring them any closer to being happy. A restaurant chain in Florida is guaranteeing to fill your order in 60 seconds. That’s all the time people can wait for their meal to be served. Eating is not a race.

Out of the Oven Today

After five hours in the oven at just 190ºF, and a short time under the broiler to brown the skin, here is the result – a juicy, tender roasted bird. This is real slow food, and worth the nearly half year it took to raise the bird and the many hours of slow roasting. You’ll never find a bird like this, even at WholeFoods.