The Cherry Blossoms Open

Cherry blossoms opening

The Cherry Blossoms are starting to open. The first few buds opened on the 25th. And today the temperature rose to over 60ºF, the first time since October 20. So many more blossoms opened today.

Opening cherry blossoms
Cherry blossoms at 20% bloom

The tree is about 20% in bloom. Another week or so and the Cherry Blossoms should be in full bloom.

Bleeding heart leaves

The Bleeding Hearts have yet to bloom. Usually their delicate pink flowers sway in the breeze by now. But this cool spring, just their delicate leaves grace the forest floor. So why do they have such delicate, beautiful leaves? What advantage do their frilly leaves give them?

Daffodils in full bloom.

But the Daffodils are finally in full bloom. Is there a flower that sings spring like Daffodils?