Tomatoes Are Blushing


A stand of bamboo is handy to have. Every year it produces shoots twenty to thirty feet tall. Cut and trimmed, they make great poles to string supports for snap peas. What’s great about bamboo poles, is that you can trim the branches so that you have handy hooks at each node. Hooks on poles, you have to pay extra for those at the store. They come built in on bamboo.


On a sunny July afternoon, the hens stay cool taking dirt baths in the shade.


The tomatoes are blushing. They go through so much effort to become the red, luscious fruits we love. Never take a ripe tomato for granted.


Sorry, Bow Little Market customers, these Korean Red garlic are not for sale. They are for next year’s crop. After drying through the summer, I will be planting them in the fall. Next year, I’ll try and have many more of these popular garlic than I had this year.

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