All Shapes and Sizes

The problem with buying graded eggs is that you’ll never run across an egg like this in the supermarket. The trick would be to breed a variety of chickens that consistently lays double yolk eggs like this.

This morning, flocks of swans, flying north, flew overhead. I could hear them coming, honking out of sight, until the burst into view. During the winter months when they are in the valley, they usually fly about in small groups of two to five or seven. And they’re usually in a single line. But when they take to the skies for a long haul, that’s when they fly in V formation.

I keep hoping they’ll fly by on their way north, to say one last, “Goodbye.” Today they did.

Though if I were a swan and I saw that the cherry trees were about to bloom, I’d hang around a few days to enjoy them.

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