The artemis melons in the hoop house are developing. In just a few days, the size of the melons have grown noticeably. They get to be round, two pound melons. The description from Territorial Seed Company reads:

A French Charentais type, Artemis produces ravishing, rounded globes with silvery white, lightly netted rind that’s ribbed in emerald. The 2 pound fruit have luxuriously sweet, deep orange flesh with a divine bouquet and relatively small seed cavity.

I have the vines growing vertically and am limiting each vine to producing one or two melons. Not too long ago, I watched a show on how the $100 to $400 melons sold in Japanese department stores are grown. They are grown in greenhouses, vertically, and only one melon is allowed to develop on each vine. The ones that end up in lavish, satin-lined boxes with $100 plus price tags, are specially selected, with only one out of a thousand ranked good enough to fetch the eye popping prices. Think I’m making this up?


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