Backyard Kabuki


KabukiDressed as flamboyantly as Kabuki actors, these young roosters put on a short, but elaborate performance. They are six months old now and turning into young men. Their combat isn’t serious yet, but in a few months it will be time to decide which ones to keep and which ones to eat.

Too many roosters make life difficult for the hens, and at a man and his hoe®, the hens have precedence over the roosters.

The fire in their eyes makes you believe in fire breathing dragons. When movie makers create Medieval tales of such dragons, they should think of giant chickens dashing out of caves and terrorizing the knights and peasants.


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  1. Beautiful boys! For those that do end up on the plate, for the shorter life they have with you, it is a wonderful life. And that is one less bird raised in horrible conditions.

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