Batshit Crazy

I listened to an interview with Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel who said that once he turned 75, we was going to stop medications for prolonging his life, and let nature take his course. He said that doctors in Japan had discovered that by the time people are a hundred, nearly everyone has dementia, which means I have forty years left before I am batshit crazy, though there are some who probably think I already am.

This morning, I stumbled on a bush loaded with thimble berries. It took less than a minute to fill a palm full of berries. It doesn’t get any better than this, though I wonder how many more years we’ll enjoy such treats.

Or enjoy the delights of blooming Shirohana-mame, white flower beans in bloom.

Or contemplate the potatoes swelling in the soil under the tall potato plants.

Or be tickled by the humor of arugula blossoms.

Or laugh at the silly poppy seed pods, dancing in midair like so many UFOs, a mass invasion of green aliens. So many things we love, but for how much longer? I may not be batshit crazy yet, but it seems that much of humanity is. In just the last few years we’ve seen the utter calamity of huge portions of the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia destroyed … by us, by us humans. Corals all around the world are dying, and we humans are the cause. If coral reefs dying all around the world won’t move us to change our way of life, what will?

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