Cloud of Dust or The Sex Was Good


I went outside to take pictures of the golden chain tree, Laburnum, and spotted Billy and Imelda, our two old love birds. I dropped to the lawn to take pictures of them, when Kuma-Hime 熊姫 shook, throwing up a cloud of dust or dirt to bathe in.


Chickens are dusty creatures. They love taking dust and dirt baths. Hens make sure to teach their chicks how to take dirt baths. So it’s not surprising that chickens smell like dust. Since chickens enjoy dust baths so much, I wonder how chickens cope when living in environments where there is no dust.

When do chickens shake? After a good dust bath. The hens also give a good shake after sex. Once the rooster hops off them, they’ll stand and give a good shake, as if they’ve had a good thrill.

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