Edison Chicken Parade 2020

The 2020 Edison Chicken Parade was yesterday, Sunday, February 23. The parade happens every year at noon on the last Sunday of February. Which means next year’s parade will be on February 28, 2021.

The parade this year was eight minutes long, so I recorded the whole thing, and you can watch it from start to finish on the video below!

[wpvideo PeoHfbfV]

Edison Chicken Parade Route

The parade starts at the south end of Cairns Court, the main street in Edison, WA. The parade proceeds north through the village. If you plan on going, arrive early. By 11:30 parking is hard to find and you may need to park a long way from the parade route. The best parking is at the elementary school on the east end of Edison. From there, it is a short walk to the parade route.

A great alternate is to bike into Edison, or go for breakfast at Tweets and stay for the Chicken Parade.

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