First Potatoes

First potatoes, the first potatoes of many. The nice thing about growing your own potatoes is that you can pull them out of the soil without pulling the whole potato plant out of the ground. All it takes is digging gently with a few fingers until you find a decent size potato. Pull it out and let the potato plant keep producing more potatoes through the season. These two made for a wonderful summer lunch.

Nothing compares to potatoes fresh out of the ground. Their skins are so delicate you have to handle them carefully or your fingers will rub the skins off.

Fragrant lilies are opening too. These lilies were a gift from friends so it is a pleasant surprise to see them open for the first time.

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  1. just wanted to stop here & thank you for updating this website. i’m a teenager from brazil and i find so much peace in what you post over here every once in a while. all the pictures are so delightful! i hope once i can grow up & have a quietly eventful and peaceful life in my own little piece of nature somewhere :)) your updates always remind me so much of mary oliver poetry; you two feel like kindred souls to me, both writing about nature and the subtle joys of the everyday in such way that brings me so much hope about life. chickens are definetely such lovable creatures, i raised a little chick this year who grew up to be the most delightful rooster named kiwi! he is very charismatic & comes running to me whenever i call his name. much love from rio de janeiro!

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