Frosty Mornings Are No Problem


A cold, frosty morning doesn’t stop Miasa from taking her chicks out hunting. At the crack of dawn, she has the little buggers whipped into shape and ready for adventure. With their downy jackets, the cold doesn’t faze the five day old chicks. That’s right, these chicks are just five days old.

You never hear people say, “Be as resolute as a chicken,” but that’s because almost no one knows how determined these mighty birds are. And they do all of this with bare feet to boot. No shoes or socks for these intrepid birds. Many people are so delicate, they even wear socks and shoes indoors. Can you imagine that?


The warm, midday sun provides a break from the cold. It’s time to rest and preen and enjoy some down time.


After a short break, basking in the warm midday sun, it’s time to go hunting again.


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