King Richard Dances Under the Plum Tree


King Richard has found a spot, perfect for him, under the blooming plum tree. You can see him scratch and roll around in the dirt in the clip below.
[wpvideo pWk4ZU25]

Watch him dance below and swing his comb and waddles from side to side. Roosters are the masters of bling. Are the hens behind him impressed? It’s hard to tell. I’m impressed, but I’m not a hen. They seem to be more interested in finding things to eat, though I think they find him amusing. Hens enjoy having a rooster around. It’s astonishing, but 99.99999999% of all egg laying hens never see a rooster, and yet, the essence of laying an egg is about love. Being able to flirt with roosters and tease them is an integral part of creating an egg. Do hens who have roosters to flirt with produce better eggs? Maybe not. But it does make their lives and their eggs more complete.

Is it the plum blossoms that are making King Richard dance with joy? It could be. He’s like a dancing Monet painting.


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  1. King Richard is one fine rooster. Even if the hens aren’t watching, he’s enjoying his strut all on his own. Thank you for sharing.

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