Lap of Luxury

An unexpected surprise were the falling flowers from this morning’s bouquet. Within minutes of bringing in fresh flowers for the table, some of the flowers rained down on my keyboard and the table.

And this is the definition of luxury. From a friend, a pile of their alpaca fur clippings for my chickens. Yes, alpaca fur lined nests. I’ve yet to read a claim on any egg cartons that their hens have alpaca fur lined nests.

It’s an experiment to see if hens prefer alpaca lined nests to straw and hay nests. And to entice them to use one of the two alpaca fur nests, I sprinkled herbs on one of them. According to another friend who gifted me these herbs, they are supposed to attract hens to nests when you sprinkle them onto the nest. We will see. I have my doubts.

And more chicks hatched today, by Hazel, who weeks ago, decided to nest in an out of the way place, hidden behind a board, above a set of nesting boxes. I knew one of her chicks had hatched when I heard it peeping, went into the chicken coop, and discovered the chick perched high above the nesting boxes. I tucked her back underneath her mother, and will move Hazel and her new chicks to someplace closer to the ground tonight. She is up more than five feet above the ground. I wonder how she is planning to get her chicks down.

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