It Takes a Lot of Smarts to be a Duck

The path to the cabin is overgrown with lavender and thimble berries. You can’t see the cabin until you are almost there. When the summer busies are over, the market a memory, I’ll have time to trim the thimble berries, but I’m in no rush. It would be a shame to trim the thimble berries before I’ve eaten them all.

Shasta daisies are a sign that August is nigh. It’s been a cool summer, frequent rains and clouds, not good for tomatoes but a paradise for potatoes.

A near drowning incident with one of the ducklings was the inspiration to make an easy landing for them to get out of the water. I didn’t expect the landing to be a hit with the ducklings. After a swim, they love gathering on it to relax.

Spend any time with ducks and you realize that there is a lot going on inside their little heads. They converse with each other much more than chickens. When you consider the feats that wild ducks have to accomplish to survive in the wild, migrating long distances, finding places to raise their young, eluding prey, it’s not a life for the stupid. It takes a lot of smarts to be a duck.

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