Leopard in the Woods


There’s an intriguing log at the edge of the woods, a fallen alder with leopard spots. I can’t decide what the spots are. A fungus perhaps? They’re curious. They’re on the log where the bark has peeled off. The other alders that lie slowly decomposing don’t have these mysterious black spots. Could it be alder leopard disease and this is the first alder in the universe to catch it? Whatever it is, it’s not contagious. I’ve touched it many times and my skin has no spots. Maybe I need to lie in the woods for days and days for my skin to become spotted.


This time of year, the produce looks more beautiful each day. When the garden finally stops producing, it will be sad to have to buy vegetables in the store. They’re not the same once they are more than a few hours out of the ground or off the plant. Hopefully, that won’t happen until December, or if the winter is mild, maybe never this winter.

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