Morning Lights

Brilliantly colored clouds at dawn

One of these days I will venture to the arctic in winter time to see the Northern Lights, but the Morning Lights in Bow took my breath away the second of January. I stepped outside and the clouds to the southeast glowed spectacularly.

Orange and red clouds at down

The clouds aren’t the blue and green of Northern Lights. Still the flaming orange of these clouds left me speechless.

Morning lights color the dawn clouds in shades of orange to pink.

The pink fringes of the clouds, can I call that hue Dawn Pink or Crimson Dawn? Or is it the color of morning fairies?

The spectacle lasted but a short time. Fifteen minutes at most. The sun rose. The colorful clouds faded to winter shades of slate and gray.

Swans in a field

And what of the swans. What did they think of the morning lights? They are outdoors all the time and mornings when I sleep in and miss the morning lights, they must see them whenever they appear.