November 1 and No Swans

Today is the first of November. In many years, the swans have flown in from Alaska and Siberia by now. On a number of years, I’ve seen them first flying on November 1, but not this year. Today’s blue skies had no swans.

The nearly grown ducklings are in training. Tomorrow they will be graduating from the tank in the garden to the pond. To reduce the trauma of me picking them up and carrying them to the pond, they are getting used to eating between the two gates leading into the garden. I can trap them in that enclosure, pick them up easily, and quickly carry them to the pond.

The chickens enjoy dry autumn days as much as I do. They find an endless supply of things to eat under the dried leaves.

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  1. I started out with Cayuga ducks which are black, got some Welsh Harlequin eggs, which a chicken hatched. The current ducks are a mix of Cayuga and Welsh Harlequin.

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