Now at Slough Food


I delivered some eggs at Slough Food in Edison today. One of the cartons has an egg laid today by Snowflake. All the eggs were laid yesterday and today. They are in the cooler at Slough Foods. If you’re in Edison this weekend, pick up some super fresh eggs. Each egg has the date it was laid, so you don’t have to guess how old they are.

If you’re wanting to make fluffy omelettes or a soufflé, use them right away. To make boiled eggs, let them sit in the fridge for a week.


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  1. Hello Mr. Man,

    I was wondering if you ever made it down towards Seattle, maybe Pike Place Market? I live in Kent.

    However, my friend and I are going to make a trip up your way on Wednesday, February 25th and I would like to purchase a whole chicken with giblets and two dozen eggs.

    If that is cool, please tell me directions. I am Marie White and my cell phone is (206) 383-2762 or if you’d prefer, you can email back.

    P.S. We are trying to see Bow and Edison to see if the Eagles are still around. Last year my husband and I made that trip and it was spectacular, although it was earlier in January. But the way the weather is lately maybe we’ll be lucky enough to see some daffodils, too.

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