On a Crescent Moon


It’s a sliver of a crescent moon which lights the morning sky today. On today’s list of things to do is to stack firewood in the woodshed. All summer long it has been drying in the sunshine. It’s time to bring it in under roof.

It doesn’t take long for the chickens to notice what I’m doing. As the stacks of wood outdoors clear, and the stacks of wood in the woodshed grow, the chickens spot the bugs, spiders, and worms thriving at the bottom of the wood piles.

Hens, roosters, and mothers with chicks come running to enjoy a feast. Chickens are very observant, curious creatures. They know that if I’m doing something, there is a good chance I may be stirring up the dirt. They will come by to check, and if one finds something good to eat, the others will come.


At the end of a long day, Tangerine is herding her chicks towards their nest in the chicken yard. She had them out at the crack of dawn and over to the pile of wood for a hearty breakfast. After a full day of foraging she is ready for bed, but the little chicks aren’t quite ready. They want one last run through the grass.


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  1. Ha – I also took a picture of the moon and Venus this morning. It was quite a sight to see. Nice woodpile 🙂

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