Potato Blossoms in May?


WoodPrarieFarmPotatoesIn the valley, the large scale potato farmers are starting to till and spray and plant their fields. The first row of potatoes I planted March 17 are putting out flower buds. They should be in bloom soon. I spaced my potatoes over a six week period so I should have a long potato blossom season with purple, pink, and white blossoms. Wood Prairie Farm in Maine even sells a selection of potatoes, Organic Certified Potato Blossom Festival chosen for “their exceptional blossom beauty and fragrance”. I’m waiting to read the novel where the dashing prince is smitten by the beauty whose sweet fragrance is as soft and pure as the fragrance of potato blossoms.


Berry season is fast approaching too. Thanks to the many native bees who work tirelessly, the salmon and thimble berries are filling out and taking on color. When you bite into a berry, close your eyes and think of all the prickly bee feet that walked all over the flower and pollinated it while collecting pollen. You owe them a favor.


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