Sunshine in the Pacific Northwest


A sunny day in the Pacific Northwest. If there is a circular glow in the sky, it’s a sunny day. If you don’t get wet when you step outside, it’s a sunny day in the Pacific Northwest. Light gray is considered a shade of blue here. The hens are out in the pasture early in the morning. Blue skies and brilliant sunshine, a Pacific Northwest glow, or steady drizzle, it doesn’t matter to them. It shouldn’t matter to me either, though if they knew there were places where the skies are blue most of the time, they’d probably ask me to take them there.


The rhubarb is sprouting. You haven’t lived if you haven’t tasted rhubarb’s first spring stalks. The Tokyo Bekana I didn’t pick in the hoop house is in full bloom. Many vegetables are so beautiful in bloom, that you’re better off not eating them all. Let a few bloom and dazzle. One plant will provide more seed than I can possibly plant. How great is that?


Ginhime is relieved. She waited and waited this morning to get on this nest. At times, there were several hens in the nest, laying eggs. Never mind that there were plenty of empty nests nearby. She wanted this nest too. Now she has it all to herself. What a relief.

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