The Joy of Weeds

Play the bird song above and you can experience what it is like to spend an afternoon weeding here at a man and his hoe®. That is the song of the Black-headed Grosbeak, one of the more colorful birds that are in the woods this time of year. The weeds have such beautiful flowers, even if some are tiny, that it’s a shame to dig them up … but I have customers who want their fresh vegetables, so the weeds will have to be satisfied with blooming on the sides of the vegetable beds.

Tourists from all over the world make pilgrimages to Tweets Café, and they are expecting to savor fresh, local produce. Some of it will come from this special spot where the Black-headed Grosbeaks sing. When you’re at Tweets having a salad, close your eyes and imagine those salad greens listening to the singing of wild songbirds.


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