The Straight and Narrow


What do plants think when we plant them in straight rows? In the wild, plants never end up that way, all lined up, in rows that march on to the horizon. When they pop up and see all their siblings lined up in front and back of them, do they wonder how the heck that happened? Does it drive them nuts?


While planting French breakfast radishes, I came across this curved twig, which turned out to be the perfect radish planting tool. The curved tip made it easy to poke holes for the radish seeds. This one is a keeper.


The previous radishes which used to call that bed home are on their way to the compost bin. Radishes grow to be rather large plants with flower stalks that reach three feet and higher. One plant will put out hundreds of pointy seed pods and thousands of seeds. With so many seeds, it’s a wonder the world isn’t one big radish field.


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