Tiny New Eggs


This is a humorous time of the year when it comes to eggs. The hens that hatched this spring are starting to lay eggs. The first few eggs which they drop are often small, a half to a third the size of normal eggs. You can make cute sunny side up eggs with them.


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  1. They are beautiful eggs. I am especially struck by the rich golden shades. Can you tell us what kind of hens laid them? Our pullets haven’t started to lay yet (unless I haven’t found the eggs — new at this) but we have a bantam hen whose eggs are about that size. Perfect topping for rice or noodle dishes.

  2. The egg I’m holding in my hand is most likely the egg of a Black Bresse hen. I’m not sure what kind of hen laid the tiny egg. The normal size egg was laid by a Golden Laced Wyandotte.

  3. Thanks! I hope to have a couple of those Bresse birds some day. Right now I have a very small mixed flock, including a few Swedish Flowers, which I first heard about on your site.

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