What Do Potato Flowers Dream Of?


She’s a shy one. This little Turken cross chick is growing up fast. She’s got a very protective mother. Get too close and she will attack! To get a better photo, I’ll need to get the camera with a zoom so I can stand a long way back when I snap the shutter.


The Korean red garlic are bagged and set aside for planting in the fall. Next year, I should have plenty of them to sell all summer.


Out in the garden to gather ingredients for supper, I caught the potato flowers going to sleep. At the end of a long, summer day, potato flowers close their eyes and slumber until dawn. What do they dream of when the stars come out? Do any peak to see what the night sky looks like?


Supper’s are best when they are fresh out of the garden. New potatoes, mustard greens, and beans, we’ll eat well tonight. The only thing missing is a salmon stream meandering by the garden.

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