Whole Wheat Anpan – A World First?


Hmm, the an, sweet bean paste, I made brought back memories of a staple of my childhood, anpan あんパン, buns stuffed with an. Anpan are always made with the whitest, fluffiest dough imaginable.


What would anpan made with 100% whole wheat dough taste like? Let alone with the 100% whole wheat levain dough I have rising on top of the refrigerator? I’ll never know if I don’t try.


Less than a hour later, the whole wheat levain anpan are ready to try. Wow! They turned out much better than I thought they would. The slighty tangy levain bread blends well with the sweetness of the an. They turned out good enough that I have a bowl of adzuki beans soaking to make more an tomorrow. If you look closely, the beans look like they’re smiling.


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