17 Day Old Chicks

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At 17 days of age, these chicks are spending most of the day outdoors. Their mother takes them outside at the crack of dawn in search of good things to eat. In a matter of hours, they will travel further than broiler chickens travel their entire lives. When you see how far chickens like to go in search of food, you understand how intolerable it is to raise them in densities of one chicken per square foot. With a mother, chicks enjoy a very rich life.

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  1. Just shared on my facebook wall. Important for folks to see who buy hatchery chicks as well, even if it just for eggs. Just like you say, every chick deserves a mother. Getting started on the egg and chick buying season, folks do need your perspective. I know there are places near me that sell pullets raised by moms, and I will go that direction when I need to add to my flock. I’m caring less about breeds too. Nature rewards diversity, in my opinion, and it isn’t necessary for me to purchase a specifc breed, if I’m going to be happy with the bird whether they lay 120 eggs or 300 a year. In fact, I’d rather not have a hen that lays 300. Too much stress on their bodies, I think. Just my thoughts. Great post as always.

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