A New Season


It’s the start of a new season – potato season. For the last four months the potato plants have been sending their roots through the earth, sprouting leaves and soaking up the sun, and working hard to form potatoes. Now it’s time to give them thanks for making such wonderful food.

From now through fall, whenever I need some potatoes, all I need to do is go out into the field and dig up what I need. It beats making a trip to a grocery store to buy some. It seems very ordinary to be able to have such fresh produce, but when I think about it, how many people ever get to dig up potatoes for their supper just a few minutes before making supper?


These purple potatoes just have purple skins. Some varieties of purple potatoes are purple throughout.

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  1. I was given your website info by a friend in Pensacola, FL, where I used to live. His name is Jerry Thomas. I now live in Albuquerque, NM, where I have a commercial raised bed organic garden (can’t use that term since I am not certified by the state), but advertise my veggies as “naturally raised, with no herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizer used”, and raise chickens also. For almost my entire life (I am 76 now) I have raised chickens like you do, but don’t have the room now. However, they do have a very large pen and are fed lots of green stuff every day. I also grow both Purple Viking potatoes (white inside) and Purple Majesty (purple all the way through), but our potato season is already over, except for some Yellow Russian Fingerlings or Banana potatoes. Enjoyed your posts, and keep up the good work of educating the public.

    Gene Fleming (Gene’s Gardens)

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