Am I Growing the Wrong Grapes?

ripe grapes

Am I growing the wrong grapes? Maybe. The grapes along the fence that are ripe are wonderful to eat. I’m enjoying them. And the chickens enjoy them as much as I do. I am surprised that birds aren’t devouring them.

300,000 yen grapes

But last night I had to take a picture of these grapes which were featured on NHK’s Good Morning, Japan. Two bunches of grapes called “Yamagata Shine Muscat” brought 300,000 yen ($2,800 USD) at auction. Which means that each individual grape cost approximately $28. These grapes won top prize at a produce competition in Yamagata. And it is the fourth year in a row that the top winning grapes at the competition auctioned for 300,000 yen.

300,000 yen grapes
maple on an october morning

It’s a lovely fall day here. Too nice to worry about trying to grow grapes that sell for thousands of dollars. The day started with no fog and blue skies. This will be a great day to be outdoors.

2 Replies to “Am I Growing the Wrong Grapes?”

  1. Omg I can’t believe there’s grapes that cost $28 individually! Also I didn’t know chickens can eat grapes. I think I’m just used to owning my dogs lol

  2. Chickens love grapes. They love fruit. Maybe their favorite thing to eat is watermelon. If you cut a watermelon in half and give it to them, they will peck at it until only a paper thin rind is left.

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