An End and a Beginning


It’s the end of the word burning season. This may be the last load of firewood we bring in for this season. The warmth of a wood fire is so comforting, there is always a bit of sadness when the wood burning season comes to a close.

But it’s also the beginning of fresh, garden herbs. Today, the lovage is large enough to pick a stem for supper’s soup. Last year, this lovage plant towered seven feet tall. It’s leaves will flavor many dishes this year. One lovage plant will feed a household through spring and summer.


2 Replies to “An End and a Beginning”

  1. Lovage is a tall, perennial plant with leaves that look like celery leaves. It grows seven feet tall and you can use the leaves in salads and in soups. I like to use the leaves when I make potato and cauliflower soups. Or I chop the leaves finely and sprinkle them on hot rice. It’s great when stewing meats or mixing into meatloaf. It has a celery like flavor. As an herb, the roots, stems and leaves have many uses. I found this descriptive use interesting: “The leaves bruised and fried with a little hog’s lard and laid hot to any blotch or boil will quickly break it” (from – a Modern Herbal by Mrs. M. Grieve).

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