Beauty in the Grass

Biking home from the post office yesterday, I was climbing up Bow Hill, when I noticed some bright purple vines snaking through the grassy hillside.


The color of the purple vines was so intense, I had to stop and admire them.


They were new berry vines. I never would have noticed them if I had been in the car. Four years ago I made a decision to stop driving when I made my daily errands. I mostly did this to work exercise into my daily routine so I could lose weight. That I managed to do, but bicycling forty five minutes to an hour each day as I went about my errands, also opened my eyes to seeing things along the roadside I missed when I sped by in the car.

When you are on a bicycle, it is much easier to stop and enjoy beautiful things than it is when you are driving a car. For those of you enjoying breakfast or lunch at Tweets Café this weekend, there is a good chance that the eggs you are eating and possibly the salad you are enjoying were delivered by bicycle from just up the hill. And that the person who pedaled those eggs and salad greens to Tweets, stopped to enjoy the beauty of purple berry vines on their way home.

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