Eyes Wide Shut


The nice thing about going to the post office on a bicycle is that you travel slow enough to see new things.

sign close up

And see things that have always been there, in plain sight, but you’ve never seen before. It looks like the same ol’ same ol’ ditch I go by not far from home, but for some reason when I went by a few days ago, I saw something for the first time in the fifteen years I’ve been going by this ditch.


Sorrel. One bunch of sorrel after the other. Enough sorrel to make a thousand salads and soups. How did I not see this before? Someone didn’t come by this week and plant all this sorrel. From one seed many years ago, a sorrel took root in this ditch and spread. Maybe if I had gone by with my ears open too, I would have heard the sorrel calling, “We’re here! Down here! Look down here!”


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