Too Wet to Burn

brilliant forrest

The woods are too wet to burn. You could pour gasoline on them and they wouldn’t catch fire. But let there be a sliver of a break in the clouds at sunset, and the whole forest is ablaze.

trees on fire
cottonwoods and dark clouds

Against the dark clouds, as thick and heavy as wet wool, the cottonwoods shine brightly. You can’t live in the Pacific Northwest if you don’t love clouds, appreciate infinite shades of gray and green, and don’t even notice that every time you go outside, you get wet. Umbrellas are more nuisance than help. Humans have waterproof skin. Hair dries. Let the mist cool your face. Let the rain dampen your hair.

cottonwoods in the evening sun

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  1. I’ve just discovered your blog and since having moved from woodsy suburbs to the city your writing is a nice escape and reminder to appreciate the little things even as things get gray and wet. Hope you and your chickens are faring well with the weather.

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