Good Morning – Bad Morning


Any morning with new chicks is a good morning. Himawari-hime’s chicks started hatching yesterday. I could hear them peeping underneath her. This morning, at least one popped out to check out what this big wide world was all about. As soon as she saw me, she ducked underneath her mother, and Himawari-hime lunged at me. She is going to be one feisty mother. With proper training, I think I could get chickens like her to become rabbit hunters. There are too many wild rabbits this year. Roving bands of two to three chickens could easily scare all the wild rabbits away.


Special is not having a good morning. Sunshine is in the nest she uses, and Special is having a fit. After listening to chicken talk for many years, I think four letter words make up a big part of their vocabulary. They seem to have a string of swear words for many situations and facial expressions to match. Fowl mouth chickens?


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