Summer Is Here



Blue iris blossoms floating among the green leaves is a sign that summer is here. According to the Meiji-Jingu 明治神宮 Iris Garden website, there are 1,083 iris in bloom in that garden today, June 3. The iris gardens, designed by Emperor Meiji for Empress Shoken was one of my favorite places to stroll when I lived in Tokyo. It didn’t matter what season it was, the walk along the iris gardens was like walking along a winding stream far, far, far away from the city.

When the iris bloom, the iris fields are flooded so as you meander through the thousands of iris, they look like butterflies, fluttering above a mountain stream. When the iris weren’t blooming, I could sometimes find myself to be the only one walking along the paths in that garden. The paths lead back into the woods and end at cool spring. When the iris are in bloom, the paths are packed with viewers, enjoying the iris.

Here, far from the city, I get to view the iris with no crowds, no voices, no cameras, just the two of us every day.


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