Holding Court


It wouldn’t surprise me if the dress makers of the royal courts kept roosters and hens. When Sven, the Swedish Flower Chicken, holds court, he puts on a show as spectacular as Louis XIV. Sven’s tail feathers rise as elaborately as any wig Louis XIV wore.


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  1. Thanks to learning about them from your site, I have a few of these birds and like them very much. My rooster and cockerel are also pretty splendid. The hens are pretty too, and the rooster really watches out for them. It’s an ongoing education for me.

  2. One thing that has surprised me is how colorful and intricate chicken feathers can be. I have some gray ones, but when you look closely at their feathers, each feather has elaborate designs etched on them. The ones that fascinate me, are the ones that have blue on them. Over time, it should be possible to create a dazzlingly blue chicken.

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