If Dogs Were on the Internet


There are hundreds of millions of pet dogs around the world. Many of them spend a good time of the day alone as their people leave them to make a living, go shopping, and do what people do. What are all these dogs doing when they are alone? One thing we know they are not doing is whiling away their time on the internet. And how do we know this? Because the number on websites are not Buttbook, Instapoo, and Snappee.

If hundreds of millions of dogs around the world were online, our emails would be inundated with emails about dog butts, the best parks to pee in, and fire hydrants you just have to put on your bucket list.


Really, all dogs want to be is outdoors. I doubt dogs would fall for spending hours rubbing their noses against a monitor, clicking their way through endless web pages of dog smells. Not when there is an infinite variety of things to smell and lick outdoors.


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