It’s a Colorful World


The bright summer sun paints the garden with vivid colors. There is no sense of winter’s gloom anywhere today. Nothing but pure light and color everywhere I look. The sun is such an amazing ball of fire. You can sit in front of a wood stove and feel it’s heat in the room. Step back thirty or forty feet and you feel nothing. Think of the largest bonfire you can imagine. How far away can you feel it’s heat? Fifty feet? A Hundred feet? How big a fire do you need to feel it a mile or two away? What about a fire you could feel from a hundred miles away? It would be massive. Now imagine how big a fireball the sun has to be to bathe us in so much light and warmth from 93 million miles away. We are so lucky to live on such a wonderful planet, bathed in light and warmth.


Margaret’s chicks hatched today. I walked into the nursery this morning and heard her growl when I got close to her nursery pen. That’s a clear sign that a mother hen has chicks. She’s warning them that danger is near, and to hide and be quiet. Looking at the brilliant, sun like eggs the chickens here lay, it’s easy to see how these golden globes could turn into healthy chicks.


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