It’s a Dog Eat Dog World


Actually, it’s more like a dog eat anything world. I woke up to find Echo happily chewing away in the middle of some definitely not chicken feathers. After some careful inspection and research at the informative US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Feather Atlas, I determined that they were wild turkey feathers. Our neighbor had mentioned shooting a turkey on a recent hunting expedition. It turned out that he had hung the wings on the side of his garage to dry. He thought coyotes had gotten the wings during the night. Instead, it turned out to be our dogs.


It’s an everything eats everything world. At this very moment, tiny microbes are munching away at our skin, nibbling in our hair, digesting the food we ate. It’s a never ending cycle of nutrients flowing from one being to another to another to another.

The shallots and peas are shooting out of the ground. I like the way shallots sprout. They look like fingers from a hand buried in the ground. “Help me! Help me! I’m buried alive!” I hear them scream. Of all the onion family plants I’ve grown, shallots are the most delightful looking.

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  1. i just spotted my peas sprouting! Yay spring! I overwinter scallions and have been enjoying them for a couple weeks, have never tried shallots- do you plant them specifically in the fall? Or are they offshoots from last years harvest?

  2. I plant shallots in the spring. This year I didn’t have any left over from last year, so I bought a twenty pound bag of shallots from a nearby farm and planted them. Unlike garlic which you plant in the fall, shallots are planted in the spring.

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