It’s a Party


It’s a party! This is what happens when you accidentally fill a watering can with whiskey. You attract a crowd in a hurry. Never fear. It’s just water in the can. The chickens are all gathered for the sun. It’s not always clear if King Richard is attracting all the hens, or if the hens are seducing him. Chicken love gets complicated. Polygamy gone wild. A try anyone society swaying from one party to the next all day long. If you are a chicken, every day is New Years Eve, every Tuesday is Mardi Gras.


On a cold, icy day, a sunny spot is a good place for chickens to warm their feathers. It’s up to the humans, bundled in layers of warm clothes, to go search for ice art in the woods. So many art treasures to see before they are gone in tomorrow’s sunshine.


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