Oh, Gold One!


The first sunrise of the New Year. How lucky to have a cloudless sky. As a boy, going down to the beach to watch the New Year sun rise above the ocean blue was a highlight of the year. The sun rises over the ocean and sets in the mountains, that was the way it was growing up. Now the sun rises over the mountains and sinks into the sea.


On a frosty start to the New Year, even the plastic frog is happy to see the sun. The way it sits, it sees the sunrise every morning. For years it’s watched the sun come up every day with a big smile. Every day is a good day. Every day is a good day. The trees are enthralled too. They’re lucky. They stand so tall, they bask in the glorious light a long time before the great gold one shines on me. We owe our lives to the great gold one. Without it, we would just be cold, lifeless star dust, drifting through the endless universe.


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